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A doctor delivers Sclerotherapy results in Rogers


Experience Exciting Sclerotherapy Results in Rogers

“Spider” is a word that strikes terror into lots of people. The words “spider vein” may strike more terror still. Spider veins are treated like a fact of life, as if they’re something that everyone will have to deal with at some point in their lives. Most people aren’t too happy about that fact. And we’d be willing to bet a majority of people would get rid of their spider veins if given the chance.

Spider veins don’t have to be permanent. Using a technique called sclerotherapy, we can help you reduce the severity of your spider veins. Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center has developed a catalog of exciting aesthetics techniques, and sclerotherapy is no exception. We think you’ll see substantial sclerotherapy results in Rogers.

Look Out, Here Comes the Spider Vein

Spider veins stand out in all the worst ways. In many cases, spider veins are prominent, contrasting against your skin with vivid colors like purple, blue, and red. Fortunately, as bold as they may be, they’re not usually dangerous. So, what causes them?

A leg free of spider veins, showcasing sclerotherapy results in Rogers

Spider veins are actually damaged blood vessels. When operating as they should, blood vessels allow blood to move freely toward the heart. Occasionally though, something damages these vessels, and as a result, they actually impede blood flow. This is why they take on their signature shade.

Many things can damage your veins, including:

  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Lack of exercise
  • Old age
  • Genetic conditions

The Numbers Behind Spider Veins

You shouldn’t be embarrassed by your spider veins. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by your physical features at all. You may want to enhance certain aspects of your appearance, and that’s okay, but we want you to be proud of your body no matter what.

Spider veins are also exceedingly common. They’re more common in women than men—spider veins affect more than 50% of women. But men aren’t immune to spider veins either. 

So, considering the fact that millions of people all over the world are dealing with spider veins, there has to be a legitimate way to treat them. Well, that’s where sclerotherapy comes in

Introducing Sclerotherapy

Spider-Man’s nemesis is the Green Goblin. Spider veins’ nemesis is sclerotherapy. The name might not be as catchy, but sclerotherapy is incredibly effective. Lots of our patients have been impressed by their sclerotherapy results in Rogers.

Sclerotherapy intentionally damages your veins’ inner walls, shutting them down completely. This might seem counter-intuitive, but the process is completely safe.

Once the inner walls have been damaged and the veins are shut down, the body then works to absorb the vein completely. If everything goes according to plan, once those veins are absorbed, your spider veins will be a thing of the past.

The idea of using science to intentionally shut off a vein can be somewhat…intimidating, so before we talk more about the science behind it, let us introduce ourselves. 

Why Trust Ozark

Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center has been around for a while. Since we were founded in 2005, we’ve dedicated ourselves to establishing a premier center for vein treatment. We’ve helped lots of people in the NW Arkansas area, and we love what we do.

As we were building our center, we wanted to prioritize knowledge and craft above all else. We’ve watched the people in our area struggle with vein and artery problems, and we knew that we had the ability to help.

Ozark is the best place for sclerotherapy results in Rogers

Our center was designed with vein and artery treatment in mind, and as a result, we’ve also established additional partner clinics specializing in other medical fields. No matter your problem, we want to be the solution.

The Ozark Team

We were founded by Dr. Kevin Haney. Dr. Haney is a man who wears many hats. Though he founded our clinic back in 2005, he still works as our Medical Director. Dr. Haney started this company because he wanted his clinic to be patient facing. He felt that too many other medical clinics refused to build a relationship with their patients. He could be different. 

We want to get to know you. We want to understand you. A strong doctor-patient relationship is a great way to make you feel confident in what we do. And when you’re comfortable, we can do our best work.

Sclerotherapy Science

The big question is: Does all this actually work? Well, we’re very excited about how our patients are reacting to their sclerotherapy results in Rogers.

Research shows around 80% of all injected veins will vanish following a sclerotherapy treatment. We offer sclerotherapy because we’ve seen how our patients react after a treatment. 

The Science

Is Sclerotherapy backed by modern science? How does a simple injection shut down veins and erase prominent discoloration? How can you see sclerotherapy results in Rogers?

Sclerotherapy uses an injection that attacks the walls of the vein. The injection irritates the vein wall’s biological material and expands it. Once expanded, the vein walls stick together and become scar tissue. Then, the veins slowly fade.

This might sound like a complicated, in-depth surgery, but it’s minimally invasive. The procedure itself is just a few simple injections, and once those are finished, you’re good to go! Sclerotherapy requires very little down time.

Sclerotherapy: Beginning to End

Step One: Consultation

The first step  in seeing sclerotherapy results in Rogers is the consultation. We’re sure to take your opinion into account, but we offer our own professional opinion as well.

You may already be interested in Sclerotherapy, which would be fantastic! But we have several different aesthetic treatments available for our patients, and we’d like to make sure Sclerotherapy is your best option.

Although Sclerotherapy might provide you with the results you’re looking for, it’s always best to ensure that there isn’t another treatment that would work even better. Prescribing treatments is an important part of what we do, and we’d like to get it right.

Step Two: Preparation

Once we’ve decided that Sclerotherapy is the right choice to treat your spider veins, the real fun can begin. First, we’ll schedule a treatment. You won’t have to block off a week for the surgery and recovery; sclerotherapy is a quick and minimally invasive procedure.

Sclerotherapy doesn’t require much prep, but we do recommend being active in the days leading up to your procedure.. It’s important you get that blood pumping. This doesn’t mean you should get out there and run a marathon. Instead, just be sure to take a daily walk for the week leading up to the treatment.

Step Three: Treatment

Finally, the day of your treatment has arrived. Again, we want you to be comfortable as we begin, so we’ll give you the opportunity to ask questions. You can even come with a list of questions prepared, and we’ll do our best to answer them. From there, we’ll bring you into the treatment room and begin the injections.

Most patients do not find the injections painful. Our provider may use an ultrasound to see beneath your skin. While not mandatory, the ultrasound can help the injections to be more accurate and effective, and it greatly minimizes the likelihood of missing the injection site. 

Step Four: Post Treatment

Once we’re finished with the injections, you’re pretty much done. That’s right! The injection process is quite simple, and it shouldn’t take long at all. You can head home with zero downtime necessary. Though, we do have some recommendations that can make the recovery time more effective.

A doctor discusses sclerotherapy results in Rogers with a patient.

We strongly advise you to avoid vigorous exercise for at least 5 to 7 days after treatment. In fact, any potential skin irritants should be avoided. Immediate sunbathing and hot tubbing might result in some issues down the road, so just be sure to take it easy for about a week.

Real Results With Sclerotherapy

How long until you see sclerotherapy results in Rogers? The timeline can vary drastically, but you won’t see spider vein erasure in the first few days. You will likely see results within a couple weeks, but it can take as long as months to see substantial spider vein reduction.

Many of our patients will only need one treatment for significant results, whereas others might need multiple. We can’t be sure how your body will respond to the treatment, but if you have any concerns, we’ll be happy to discuss the science behind your sclerotherapy results.

Fortunately, the minute your spider veins disappear, they’re gone completely. Some aesthetic services are only temporary, but the second a spider vein is gone, it’s gone for good. 

Get Your Own Sclerotherapy Treatment

We want you to see sclerotherapy results in Rogers. Fortunately, sclerotherapy is a medical procedure, so your insurance can help pay for the treatment! Healthy skin and self-confidence is your right.

Our team sees patients that struggle with their self-perception, and we love giving them the tools to feel great about the way they look. No one should feel like they’re not good enough. Everyone is beautiful, and we want to give you the tools necessary to enhance your look even further.

You can schedule a consultation right now! Not quite sure if you’re ready for that? We have other options! You can use our virtual vein tool to answer some questions about yourself. Once that’s done, we can get a better idea of your treatment options ahead of time.

Sclerotherapy is an exciting new aesthetics treatment, and it could help you eliminate your spider veins. Interested in one of our other procedures, like Varithena? Talk to us soon, and you could see your own exciting sclerotherapy results in Rogers.

Try our vein and artery tool

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