Phlebectomy in Rogers

Phlebectomy in Rogers, Arkansas


Removal of Bulging Veins

At Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center, our number one priority is to provide relief from painful and throbbing varicose veins.

Additionally, we also aim to achieve a great aesthetic result. In order to accomplish both pain relief and improved appearance of the leg after a vein ablation, many cases will require an ambulatory phlebectomy in Rogers, Arkansas.

After the straight and non-visible veins are shut using ablation, the vein walls collapse and blood is rerouted to nearby healthy veins.

Unfortunately, sometimes an ablation can not safely treat the visible bulging veins. For these veins, called varicose veins, a procedure called phlebectomy may be the best option.

Our highly-trained and experienced advanced practice nurses, Jeannette and Becky, perform this procedure in our facility. To date, over 2,900 phlebectomies have been successfully completed in our clinic.






A local anesthetic is injected into the treatment areas in the leg.


Very small incisions are made in the skin overlying the bulging veins.

Step 1

A phlebectomy hook is then used to pull out the bulges.

Step 2

Once the bulging veins are removed, bandages and wraps are applied. Your body is automatically designed to naturally redirect your blood flow to remaining healthy veins in your leg.

The Cool Down

There is no down-time, no stitches required, and most visible scars will fade with time leaving excellent cosmetic results.


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Off exit 83 from I-49 in Pinnacle Point.


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Before & Afters

Happy Clients

" Extremely professional and a happy place! "

After an emergency with a vein and an incorrect diagnosis from an ER, Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center got me in the very next day and spent as much time as I needed evaluating, answering questions and making sure I knew what my options were. It was a breath of fresh air really. All the girls who took such great care of me and Dr. Haney have a great knowledge, demeanor and professionalism.

– A. B.

"Dr. Haney and his staff are great. "

I have had vein treatments at other places, but this is by far the best experience I've had. Dr. Haney was knowledgable and skilled in my treatment while also being incredibly caring and compassionate. All around, it was a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I went to the Ozark Vein Center.

– Beth Nardoni

"Very attentive & professional"

Becky was always eager to explain and reassure. Appreciate her help.

– Anonymous

"Amazing job!"

Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly! Definitely recommend!

– Angel B.

"Great staff! Great results!"

The staff here makes having all the work done so much easier. They really help to reduce the anxiety of the procedures.

– A. M.

"Awesome experience"

Best clinic great staff. Dr will let you ask as many questions to make you feel totally comfortable. I would recommend people to have this done.

– Diane K.

"Excellent Experience at Ozark Vein Clinic"

Everyone here, from reception to insurance, PA and nurses, technicians and doctor were very competent, pleasant, reassuring and kind. Their work ethic is exemplary. They are punctual and I have achieved excellent results from the four different procedures I have undergone. God Bless you all!

– Harold G.

"I am so grateful for the care and accuracy that was used to treat my legs. I feel great!"

I was treated with kindness, tenderness and compassion. The doctors and staff were extremely professional but sensitive with every step of the procedures. They all even showed tenderness when I was a bit nervous. I am elated to have lovely legs again!

– Janice B.

"It was calming and relaxing"

Not knowing what to expect, was put at ease with the staff. Enjoyed my experience, overall excellent environment.

– Rhonda D.

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