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A doctor meets with a patient for varithena results in Arkansas


Varithena Provides Long-Lasting Results in Arkansas

Picture your ideal leg. Prominent varicose veins probably aren’t a part of that image. We shouldn’t have to be insecure about our veins. But once you notice varicose veins forming on your skin, you might find that you’re self-conscious about a part of your body that you’d never even considered before.

Varicose veins are totally natural, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. You don’t have to love every part of your body, but self-consciousness doesn’t solve anything. Ozark Vein & Artery Center wants to give you practical solutions that will help address your insecurities. 

Ozark, the best place for varithena results in Arkansas

And with that in mind, we offer an exciting technique that can help eliminate varicose veins.

Varithena is a treatment that can leave your skin looking clear and smooth. The method is minimally invasive and extremely convenient. With a few simple injections, you can see your body absorb and erase damaged, discolored, bulging veins.

We’re excited about Varithena results in Arkansas, and we want you to understand the science behind the treatment and why we think it could be an effective treatment for your skin.

Why Your Body Makes Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are obvious, bulging veins that show through the surface of the skin. They’re caused by a malfunction in the veins themselves.

Veins are supposed to deliver blood to the heart, and to do this, they send blood down a one-way channel. But when the vein walls are damaged, they can stop the blood from traveling where it’s supposed to. These damaged valves can even send blood backwards, away from the heart. 

Varithena Versus Varicose Veins

Is Varithena a legitimate treatment?

Yes! Varithena is an FDA-approved product designed to treat varicose veins. We only offer products that we believe in, so we do our due diligence to help build a catalog of products that we think can offer the best results possible. Varithena is a safe, reliable treatment that won’t put you out of commission following the procedure.

We hope you’ll be happy with the Varithena results. Unlike many other varicose vein treatments, Varithena has resulted in a 94% great saphenous vein closure rate. The process is also very quick, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours in our clinic. It’s a minor, painless procedure that takes less than 60 minutes.

What does the Varithena process look like?

The Varithena treatment process is quite simple. For one, the treatment requires no anesthetic. The needles used in the Varithena process are small enough that you won’t require any kind of pain management supplement. We then inject the Varithena microfoam into the varicose vein. Once inside, the foam will help break down the damaged vein, and the blood will move to stringer, healthier veins.

That’s the end of the process! Pretty easy, right?

Recovery is quite simple as well. You’ll need to wear compression stockings for 2 weeks following your procedure. The stockings help your body absorb the veins. If the treatment is successful, you’ll never have to worry about those veins again! 

You Can Experience Powerful Results

There’s a reason we recommend Varithena to our patients. We’ve seen the results for ourselves, and our patients have been very satisfied. Are you interested in experiencing Varithena results in Arkansas? We can schedule a consultation now.

Maybe you’re unsure if our treatment is right for your aesthetic concerns. We have our own premium vein and artery tool that allows you to input your symptoms. From there, we can decide what treatment may work best based on your provided information.

It’s possible Varithena isn’t right for you, but we have other options, like sclerotherapy that may work even better. No matter your concern, we will do our best to keep you confident and satisfied.

Try our vein and artery tool now!

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