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A doctor performs Sclerotherapy to deliver satisfying before & after results


Sclerotherapy: Before & After the Revolutionary Spider Vein Treatment

No one wants to get swindled! It seems that there are countless aesthetic treatments online that boast fast results and minimal work, but how many of those are actually viable?

Lots of treatments ignore the science in favor of superstition and placebo. But at Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center, we only use treatments that are supported by science and backed by real research.

So, once we learned about Sclerotherapy for spider veins, we were shocked. Our patients experience the before and after for themselves, and they can’t believe the results. Still skeptical? Then we can break down exactly why we think Sclerotherapy is a truly groundbreaking spider vein reduction treatment.

Visible Results Fast

Our team likes to put its money where its mouth is! We know how important it is for our patients to see the results for themselves before they decide to schedule a treatment. So, we’re happy to show off a little. We have Sclerotherapy before and after photos highlighted right on our Sclerotherapy page.

There’s a lot of confusion and obstruction in the aesthetic field, and we don’t want our customers to agree to a treatment that they don’t trust or understand. We’re working on your body, so we want you to understand what we’re doing and why you’re doing it. The science is solid, and we’ve got no problem telling you all about it!

Spider Veins: A Massive Headache

Spider veins are what happens when your blood vessels don’t work as they should. Sometimes, our veins are damaged, and this can cause them to behave differently than they’re supposed to. Their walls can break down and actually cause blood to flow in the wrong direction.

A doctor injects a leg for substantial Sclerotherapy before & after results

That sounds serious, but for the most part, spider veins aren’t dangerous. They do, however, show through the skin. Their bright colors are often pretty apparent. To combat spider veins, you might assume we’d want to repair the veins and get blood flowing in the right direction, but actually, the method is much simpler.

We just shut down the damaged veins altogether!

The Secret of Sclerotherapy

You may be thinking “you want to shut down my veins? Is that a good idea?” This process is designed to be totally safe and painless. But why is shutting down your veins the best option?

The Sclerotherapy method involves making an injection in your damaged veins. The walls of the vein then stick together, which completely reroutes blood flow to other, healthier veins. From there, the body actually absorbs the treated vein, completely erasing the spider veins altogether. A successful sclerotherapy treatment gets rid of spider veins forever.

Lose Your Spider Veins

We’re not interested in hiding behind vague promises and unclear wording. We want to educate you about the benefits and results of Sclerotherapy so you can decide for yourself whether you’re interested. If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to help!  Schedule a consultation, and we can get started.

To expedite the process, you can use our virtual vein and artery tool to give us a little more information about your concerns. When you see our sclerotherapy before and after photos, know that you could have those results too! Just answer some simple questions, and we’ll take that information to help build a treatment plan for you. 

Try our vein and artery tool now!

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