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Angioplasty and Stenting in Rogers, Arkansas

The Basics of Angioplasty & Stenting Procedures

An angioplasty is performed to open arteries clogged with plaque so blood can start to flow as it should again.

Dr. Stout is the only Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon specializing in Angioplasty and Stenting in Rogers, Arkansas

Our artery division utilizes the newest, state-of-the-art interventional devices to attack plaque build up - a.k.a. hardening of the arteries. Dr. Stout has spent years passionately perfecting his technique while performing thousands of procedures.

A tiny, balloon tipped catheter is inserted into the artery either through radial access at the wrist, near the groin, or the lower leg; depending on the area of the blockage.

The thin wire is carefully guided through the artery to the blockage, the balloon is expanded to open the artery, and Dr. Stout may decide to remove the plaque while the procedure is being done. In some instances, an arterial stent may also be inserted to keep the artery open.

Stenting procedures start the same way an angioplasty does, by inserting a tiny wire catheter into the artery through an access point of Dr. Stout’s choice.

If the stent is necessary, it is done immediately after the angioplasty. This mesh tube is flexible, and safe to leave in the artery for a long period of time to help improve blood flow in the previously blocked area.

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We ask you arrive 1 hour before your procedure is set to begin. Our professional staff members will get you checked in, changed, and comfortable. One of our Nurses will then review your information with you ensuring accuracy of identity, health history, allergies, etc. Once everything has been triple checked - the access area will be shaved, locally anesthetized, and IV medication will be given to you to help you relax.

During The Procedure

Dr. Stout will begin looking at the targeted artery with ultrasound equipment. A second round of anesthesia will be given so you're comfortably asleep during the entirety of the procedure. Dr. Stout will then make an incision in the artery just big enough to insert the tiny wire through to begin the angioplasty and stenting in Rogers, Arkansas. Depending on the amount of plaque build-up and blockages, we will guide the wire through the arterial system for the next 1-2 hours placing stents where necessary and busting up blockages along the way. Dr. Stout is highly skilled at navigating these arteries and preventing blockages from migrating so that all problem arteries are opened up in the end!

Post-Procedure & Recovery

We want to keep you for at least an hour after the procedure to monitor your blood pressure, incision, and manage your recovery from the anesthesia. We provide food, water, and a relaxing environment to recover for you and your family while we ensure no complications arise. Recovery after these procedures is fairly simple. We provide you with post-procedure instructions including no heavy lifting, no signing any major legal documents, and no driving until 24 hours after the procedure was completed. Once you're free to go, we always welcome you to the family because we will need to periodically monitor you for the rest of your life to avoid any future artery issues.


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Happy Patients

"Highly Recommend!!"

Everyone that worked with me through this procedure was very kind and explained what all I would experience. They always made sure I was comfortable. I knew I was in the hands of a very competent staff. Dr. Haney was extremely nice and explained the procedure in great detail and always answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend the Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center.

– Carol Martin

"Awesome place"

Dr. Haney is wonderful as well as his staff. My leg feels wonderful after a procedure that relieved some awful varicose veins. High marks!

– Christine Cook

"Excellent care and staff"

I was experiencing growing pain in the varicose veins, and some were beginning to rupture and bleed. Received consultation from Dr. Haney and the technicians and began receiving treatments about 1 month later. after 5 or 6 treatments, i no longer have the pain or bleeding and my legs look great.

– David B.

"A Great Experience"

Everything about my experience could not have been any better. Everyone was absolutely amazing. My legs look and feel better than they have in 20+ years.

– Greg C.

"I am so grateful for the care and accuracy that was used to treat my legs. I feel great!"

I was treated with kindness, tenderness and compassion. The doctors and staff were extremely professional but sensitive with every step of the procedures. They all even showed tenderness when I was a bit nervous. I am elated to have lovely legs again!

– Janice B.


Dr. Haney & his staff were fabulous! They explained everything in detail & made me feel comfortable at all times during my procedure! My legs look and feel great now & I would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing leg vein problems!

– Jo Kirby-Hall

"Answered Prayers!"

I have had a rather long journey through the medical system trying to find the proper treatment for bad veins. My husband and I really prayed for answers AND we found them through Dr. Haney and his competent staff. We are so thankful for all of them coming to my rescue and getting me on the track I needed to be! I would give Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center a 10-star if that was a choice above! Highly skilled, highly knowledgeable and the best patient care I have ever had. I cannot say enough good things about my experience! IF you have varicose vein problems, please do yourself a favor and only go to someone skilled in that area, which Dr. Haney is!

– Linda Miller


Muy excellente staff, buena cortesia! Encantada de todos y de mis piernas!

– Maria S.

"Great experience!!"

I am very thankful for Dr. Haney and his staff! They are wonderful! My legs no longer hurt...and they make you feel at home...like you are part of the family, not just a number being herded through. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with their legs!!! Kudos to the entire crew!!!!

– Carolyn Nichols

"Follow Up"

I saw Rebecca for a couple of my follow up appointments. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. She took time to answer any questions I had.

– Sarah T.

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