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Vascular Imaging & Tests in Rogers, Arkansas

Now offering the best and most reliable tests for any vascular concern

Our imaging options are state-of-the-art, providing the pinpoint results you deserve

We are proud to have a full vascular lab with duplex ultrasound that can get you the answers you need, quick.

At Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center, we accept patients & insurance from Arkansas and the surrounding states. Unlike hospital appointments, our team can get patients in for testing and provide them with results within 48 hours. We serve patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, including Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and beyond.

Our artery center offers angiograms, duplex ultrasound, carotid duplex, and ankle-brachial index or ABI tests.

These are the most common and valuable arterial vascular tests in the medical field.

We have several noteworthy devices for imaging including GE’s OEC Elite C-Arm and Phillips IVUS Ultrasound machine to name a few.

The OEC Elite C-Arm is a world-renowned surgical X-Ray device that optimizes procedures Dr. Stout performs. The Phillips IVUS ultrasound machine is another gold standard technology our team uses to analyze the arterial system, and aid in placing stents, angioplasties, and more.

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An angiogram is used by our surgeon with assistance of x-ray images to uncover issues in an individual's arterial system, identify blockages, and assist in procedures like angioplasties and stenting. Dr. Stout will insert a dye through a catheter to target areas of concern, poor circulation and/or blockages during an angiogram. Anesthesia is given for patients for comfort while this imaging is being done.

Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI Test)

This is a completely non-invasive, useful test that simply uses blood pressure cuffs to measure the circulation of arteries at different locations like the foot, ankle, calf, thigh, and arm. Based on an ABI ratio we can provide on the spot, we can recommend whether or not vascular treatment is needed.

Carotid Duplex

A carotid duplex is a quick, non-invasive ultrasound scan of your carotid artery in your neck to determine if blood flow is normal, irregular, or blockages are occurring. If plaque has built up in your carotid artery to the point of surgery needed, our vascular surgeon will want to act fast.

Duplex Ultrasound

A duplex ultrasound can be done as a more extensive, thorough examination for the whole vascular system on many different body areas. Often, the arteries in the abdominal area, legs, arms and carotid are checked along with veins that could have clots or blockages attributing to vascular disease symptoms. Our expert vascular sonographer will go over results with Dr. Stout to see if treatment is recommended.


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