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Vein & Artery Care in Rogers, Arkansas

The Difference Between Vein & Artery Doctors

Vascular problems have met their match

Trust our experts to determine whether it's a vein issue, artery issue, or both

The average person likely can't distinguish if the symptoms they're having are stemming from their veins, or their arteries.

Dr. Haney and our team have been the long established experts in venous care in the Northwest Arkansas region.

We are thrilled to announce our care options have expanded with the addition of arguably the best Vascular Surgeon in the 4-state area and beyond, Dr. Christopher Stout.

In Rogers, Arkansas, Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center encompasses all treatment options for vascular health, guaranteeing a top concierge-level experience like never before.

Regardless of what you may be struggling with – may it be varicose veins, open ulcers, peripheral artery disease, pelvic congestion syndrome, limb salvage situations or more; we have a solution.

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Vein Care

Venous disease can cause the more commonly known bulging varicose veins, but also may attribute to leg swelling, spider veins, skin discoloration, or even open ulcerations around the ankles. Since veins take oxygen-poor blood back to the heart, they require different treatment options than arteries do. Treatment for venous reflux often involves closing off diseased veins so blood can reroute to connected healthy veins.

Artery Care

Arterial disease can have a broader impact on your health, because if left untreated it can lead to a variety of serious complications. Our arteries carry blood away from the heart to tissues and organs that require it, making it a crucial part of your overall circulatory health. Issues arise when plaque develops causing hardening of the arteries. Treatment to correct blocked arteries may include prescriptions, or surgical option like a catheter or a stent.

Which doctor is right for you?

As previously mentioned, the average person may have trouble distinguishing the symptoms between artery and vein issues. The good news is our experts at Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center will help guide anyone with symptoms in the right direction for vein & artery care in Rogers, Arkansas.

Dr. Kevin Haney | MD, Radiologist, Vein Specialist

Dr. Haney spent 1995-2005 at Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas as an Interventional Radiologist, perfecting his skill, techniques and knowledge. In 2005, he started with The Mana Breast Center in Northwest Arkansas. Over his years there he provided imaging services including breast biopsies, mammography, breast MRIs, dense breast screenings, and breast ultrasounds. While his primary focus at the time was breast imaging, he started treating a handful of patients that were burdened with venous insufficiency using ultrasound guidance – and it peaked his interest.

In 2012, Dr. Haney left The Breast Center to start his own private practice specializing in treatment for veins. Ozark Regional Vein Center was born, becoming the area’s only clinic that specialized in comprehensive treatments for varicose veins, spider veins, lower leg ulcers and more. He quickly became known as the go-to Vein Specialist in NW Arkansas, and has since successfully treated over 21,000 patients in the last 10 years. Dr. Haney is an entrepreneur at his core, as he’s added our medspa division Renew Aesthetics in 2015, and our men’s clinic division The Edge in 2019. Both have grown dramatically in the short time that they’ve existed, providing the same high-quality, specialized level of concierge service that the Vein & Artery Center offer.

Dr. Haney and Dr. Stout have joined forces to make Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center in Rogers, AR one of the best vascular health destinations in the United States.

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Dr. Christopher Stout | MD, FACS, RPVI

After residency, Dr. Stout completed a Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Fellowship at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA in 2010, learning how to treat arteries and veins in all parts of the body with cutting edge minimally invasive procedures, large open surgeries, and with conservative measures including medicine. Importantly, over years he learned the specific disease process for carotids, aneurysms, leg arteries and veins, dialysis, etc. and is best situated to provide the personalized options and recommendations as a vascular medicine specialist focusing only on the arteries and veins outside of the heart.  Dr. Stout not only learned to work as a surgeon but also to function in a primary preventive role and doing testing with ultrasound surveillance on his patients forever.

Dr. Stout is Certified by The American Board of Surgery in Vascular and General Surgery. He is a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery and Society for Vascular Ultrasound. Dr. Stout has been invited to speak at international vascular meetings in addition to regional and national vascular meetings. He is a key opinion leader amongst vascular devices and is a proctor and teacher for many devices used in vascular surgery. He continues to add to his dozens of publications to further the care of vascular patients.

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