varicose vein removal in Rogers

varicose vein removal in Rogers, Arkansas


Walk with Confidence

Varithena® is the newest treatments offered at Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center for the treatment of varicose veins.

Dr. Haney is focused on treating his patients using the newest and most effective methods. As such, he was the first in Arkansas to offer Varithena. It's one of the more versatile vein treatments in Dr. Haney's toolbox, due to the nature of the foam and it's effectiveness. Serving patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, we help people from Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and beyond.

Varithena® is a virtually pain free treatment, and it yields great results.

Varithena could be the perfect option for you if you’re looking for varicose vein removal in Rogers, Arkansas

This FDA approved varicose vein treatment can go where thermal vein treatments can’t, because it touts a 94% closure rate in the great saphenous vein.

Our patients love Varithena, because it’s a minimally invasive and nonsurgical method.






Local anesthetic or incisions are not required in preparation of Varithena® injections, because the needle is so small.

Administering the Injection

Dr. Haney will administer an appropriate amount of Varithena® by direct injection into the problematic vein.

Step 1

The Varithena® microfoam enters and begins working on the targeted vein segment.

Step 2

The procedure is complete once the refluxing vein collapses, and Dr. Haney removes the needle.

Cool Down

Your blood will naturally begin flowing to surrounding healthy veins nearby.


After the procedure, compression stockings are put on, and the patients are instructed to wear them for 14 days. Follow post-instructions will be provided. Over time, the treated veins are absorbed by the body.


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Off exit 83 from I-49 in Pinnacle Point.


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Before & Afters

Happy Clients

"Three minor surgical procedures later I feel like a new man."

I had some pretty serious vein issues that had been going on for 20 years due to a car accident when I was 17. Finally at age 49 I found Ozark Vein Clinic. Three minor surgical procedures later I feel like a new man. And my leg is on its way to being fully healed. I want to thank the staff for their friendly professionalism. And a special thank you to Dr. Haney and Dr. Jackie! - AJ G.

– AJ G.

"No more swelled veins and no more aching pains from the swelling. Highly recommend."

Everyone in the office was kind and professional. I went in for a free evaluation. They found an issue that was causing swelled veins in my lower leg. I didn’t think I was in too much pain at the time. After my operations I realized just how much pain I’d been in prior to the operations. I really thought it was just how it was going to be as I got older. - Dan P.

– Dan P.

" After 3 other vein specialists, Dr. Haney and staff made my decision easy."

The willingness to explain actions prior or the ability to take the time to explain through their responses to my questions was paramount to my decision to follow through with the actual procedures. I was made to feel comfortable, and not ashamed of my condition around personnel in the office. I enjoyed my visits, and actually looked forward to attending my appointments. Thank you very much to each and every one of you who worked on my case! 

– Shawn T. 

"Excellent Care Team and Experience "

Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center offered the easiest and most efficient process at diagnosing and treatment varicose and spider veins. From the ease of a consult, thorough explanation of needed procedures and follow up treatments, the experience was excellent. What a relief it was to know this care is available, in our area, and was covered by my insurance. I do ask myself, "Why did I wait?"

– T. F.

"Great experience"

The experience was the best. Everyone one was professional! From the receptionist, medical assistant and doctor. Banessa was my favorite!

– Theresa J.

"Thank you!"

Jeannette took extra time with my concerns and did a fantastic job in helping with my procedures! Thank you so much!

– Shawn C.


Dr Haney was very communicative and explained everything in a way that I could understand. I could tell that he cares about his patients, and this isn't just a job to him.

– Tommy C.

"A Great Experience"

Everything about my experience could not have been any better. Everyone was absolutely amazing. My legs look and feel better than they have in 20+ years.

– Greg C.


Very good at making me at ease about procedure. He was quick and I felt very confident that he knew what he was doing. Very friendly!

– Carissa S.

"Very attentive & professional"

Becky was always eager to explain and reassure. Appreciate her help.

– Anonymous

"Great staff! Great results!"

The staff here makes having all the work done so much easier. They really help to reduce the anxiety of the procedures.

– A. M.

"Ozark Regional Vein Center is THE BEST!! "

Everyone there is so kind, pleasant and a joy to be around. I am so pleased with my results!! My legs look years younger! Thank you for your excellent care! And to Dr. Haney’s story telling 🤣 - JL A.

– JL A.

"The office staff are INCREDIBLE! They are efficient, but also kind and extremely helpful."

This is so rare anywhere these days! I noticed it the very first time i contacted them and it continues to be the service you receive. The only reason I put 4 stars and not 5, is that tomorrow is my actual procedure. But I feel confident that it will go well and a 5 star visit will persevere!!! The staff that did my evaluation and explained to treatment were wonderful. They use terminology that I could understand. Hopeful for positive results! - Jennifer S.

– Jennifer S.

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