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Spider Vein Treatments in Rogers

Spider veins are a common issue for people in Rogers and the rest of the United States. In fact, roughly one-third of the US population will develop spider veins at some point in their lives.

Even if they aren’t painful, spider veins can still have an effect. Many people dislike how spider veins look on their body and want a way to get rid of them. As Northwest Arkansas’ vein experts, the Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center can help you treat your spider veins using a variety of treatments.

Sclerotherapy Injections

First on our list are sclerotherapy injections. These injections are designed to safely damage the inner walls of the vein and are performed by either our Medical Director, Dr. Kevin Haney, or one of our licensed nurses. 

By using either Asclera (polidocanol) or Sotradecol (sodium tetradecyl sulfate), Sclerotherapy will shut down the scarred, damaged inner walls of the vein. After that, the vein will collapse and absorb into your body over time. 

These injections usually have a slight burning sensation associated with them, but give incredible results. Once the vein collapses, it’s gone forever! It’s important to note, though, that multiple rounds of injections may be needed. Also, new spider veins can still develop over time. 


Looking for a treatment that’s truly a work of art? VeinGogh is not only FDA-approved and effective at treating spider veins, but the treatment is also relatively painless with zero downtime! 

Micro-burst technology targets spider veins in your body and treats them with heat. We do this by inserting a tiny needle into the vein through the skin. Once the needle is in the vein, you’ll receive a pulse of energy that heats and seals the blood vessel. 

VeinGogh provides aesthetically pleasing results in areas where spider veins and collapsed, diseased veins are present. And it doesn’t just help with vein treatment, either. VeinGogh has shown to be effective in treating skin tags, redness, and other cosmetic issues such as cherry angiomas and small hemangiomas.

Excel V Laser System

Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center takes pride in offering the latest, most cutting-edge technology when it comes to vein treatment. The Excel V Laser System is a testament to that, with its versatile dual-laser technology. 

Whether it’s spider veins, sun spots, facial veins, or a number of other skin issues, the Excel V Laser System has proven to be safe and effective with its treatment. After sanitizing the treatment area, we deliver the laser treatment to the area (or areas) where vein or skin issues are located. The vein absorbs the laser energy, and the heat collapses and closes the vein walls.

Learn More About Vein Treatments

Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center is the only practice in Northwest Arkansas that provides all the highest quality vein treatments, and we focus only on vein treatment. Dr. Haney and our expert staff have over 75 years of combined experience in the industry, ensuring you get the best spider vein procedures available in Rogers

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to treat your spider veins, get started today by using our Instant Vein & Artery Screening Quiz, or scheduling a consultation


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