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A woman goes to receive advice about what to do after vein injections


What to Do to Recover After Vein Injections in Arkansas

What to Do to Recover After Vein Injections in Arkansas

Eliminating visible, damaged veins doesn’t seem like an easy task. But at Ozark Regional Vein and Artery Center, we have many different options for effective and convenient vein treatment. It might feel like science fiction, but thanks to a painless injectable, you could see substantial reduction in your prominent varicose veins. 

But once the treatment is complete, you need to take the necessary steps to keep your body healthy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of recommendations on what to do after vein injections for our patients. Vein removal doesn’t have to be complicated.

Why Ozark?

We’ve done our research, and we’ve seen which treatments were most effective at eliminating varicose veins. But we also noticed that once our patients left our clinic, they were at a loss for how to best take care of their treated veins. We know that our responsibility to our patients doesn’t end once they leave our treatment room.

Ozark: the best place to receive advice about what to do after vein injections

If you schedule a procedure with us, we want you to stay safe and healthy long after your procedure is complete. It’s not enough to tell you what to do after vein injections, such as sclerotherapy; we also want to explain why. We’re fascinated by the science behind our craft and how it can help you heal faster.

Get Moving!

Vein injections at Ozark only take around an hour, and once we’re finished, you’ll be allowed to head home and get some rest. We do recommend that you get the blood flowing with a short walk, but nothing too strenuous.

In the weeks following your treatment, your body can begin to absorb the varicose veins, erasing them completely. As this happens, the surrounding veins will pick up the load, rerouting blood to and from your heart.

We want to encourage this movement. Brisk walks will force more blood to pump through your legs, whereas remaining stationary could cause blood to pool.

Don’t Forget the Stockings!

After treatment, we will also encourage you to wear compression stockings. This step is especially important for Varithena treatments. Varithena treatments work by injecting foam into the veins to aid in their collapse. The stockings will keep the foam from spreading to undesired areas of the body.

Granted, the probability of this happening is minimal, but stockings are a great way to reduce this risk even further. We’d encourage you to wear the stockings as much as you can in the two weeks following the treatment. They’re a little tight, but they’re a tried-and-tested way to keep your healing on track.

Reach Out About Vein Injections

Interested in learning more about what to do after vein injections? We’re always available to answer questions and go over our many treatment options with patients. If you’d like to do a little more of the leg work yourself, then you can complete a virtual consultation from the comfort of your own couch. 

Just answer some quick questions, and we can get started on a custom treatment plan to combat your varicose veins.

Try our virtual consultation tool!

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