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A surgeon performs a Varicocele Treatment near Bentonville, AR


Meet With Ozark for Varicocele Treatment Near Bentonville, AR

Taking care of your body requires a lot of work. It demands constant vigilance. You need to exercise often, eat the right foods, and visit the doctor for regular appointments.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll spot everything, and you can’t deal with every problem on your own. If you’re struggling with a venous condition, like varicoceles, then you may need to visit a specialist.

At Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center, we have the resources you need to treat a number of vascular conditions. Don’t ignore your varicoceles. Visit our clinic for varicocele treatment near Bentonville, AR. 

Your Vascular Specialist

We’re Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center, your go-to destination for any of your vascular concerns. Realizing that you have a vascular disease can be concerning, and maybe even a bit frightening, but we want to offer you peace of mind.

We got into this industry because we saw a need in the general public—a need for high-quality vascular care.

Two people discuss Varicocele Treatment near Bentonville, AR

We want to make all our patients comfortable and offer them the reassurance that, no matter their condition, we have the resources to help them feel their best again. Don’t put off seeing a vascular specialist. Come visit with our team soon.

What is a varicocele?

So, what exactly is varicocele? A varicocele is a condition that occurs in the scrotum. Or, more specifically, it’s a condition in the veins within the scrotum. The vascular system is a complicated web of veins and arteries that transport blood all across the body.

The vascular system is incredibly important, but occasionally, it fails. When the veins in the scrotum become damaged, blood may pool in the veins and cause them to swell. The swollen veins may be visible from the outside of the scrotum.

Varicoceles can also result in more serious symptoms, like pain or even lower sperm counts. It’s a good idea to treat your varicoceles as soon as possible.

What causes varicoceles?

Patients diagnosed with varicoceles often ask what caused them to appear in the first place, and the truth is, we aren’t really sure. We know varicoceles form because of improper blood flow, but we don’t know what causes the blood to flow improperly to begin with.

One theory is that the blood valves leading to the testicles become damaged, inhibiting proper blood flow. Another theory suggests that because the path to the left testicle is slightly abnormal, it causes problems in the vascular process.

Often, patients develop varicoceles during puberty, and they might not realize it for many years.

Identifying Varicoceles

Before talking about varicocele treatment near Bentonville, AR, we need to discuss how we identify them in the first place.

In many cases, varicoceles result in no symptoms whatsoever, so they can be hard to recognize. One of the telltale signs of a varicocele is pain in the testicle.

Of course, a variety of conditions may result in pain in the testicle, so let’s look a little deeper. If you’re struggling with varicoceles, you may notice a mass pressing up against the skin of your scrotum.

This mass may look like what many people call a “bag of worms.” This is actually a bundle of swollen veins, and it is a good sign that you may have varicoceles, though you should contact a medical professional to be sure.

Treating Varicoceles

Embolization is our choice for varicocele treatment near Bentonville, AR. There are several different treatment options available to treat varicoceles, but we prefer embolization for a number of reasons.

Some patients feel hesitant about receiving treatment at all, because they don’t feel any severe pain or discomfort. But untreated varicoceles may cause the condition to worsen, so we suggest seeking treatment as soon as you can.

Embolization is a relatively simple procedure that redirects the body’s blood flow away from the swollen vein. This procedure is also beneficial because it isn’t as invasive as other surgical procedures.

Taking the First Steps

If you’re interested in receiving varicocele embolization at Ozark, then the first step is to complete a consultation with a member of our team.

The consultation may seem like an unnecessary step if you already have a treatment in mind, but we want to make sure that you’re receiving the most beneficial treatment possible.

We appreciate when any of our patients come in having done prior research, but it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion.

We will ask you some questions about your condition and treatment goals, then we will complete a physical exam of the affected area. Once we decide which of our treatments will be the best choice for you, we will get you scheduled for a date that works best for you.


There are a few steps you can take to help ensure that your treatment goes without any complications.

As with any medical procedure, it’s important that you’re open and honest with your medical provider. During the consultation, we will likely ask you which medications you currently take, as some of them may affect the procedure.

Some common over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin, are blood thinners, so we will likely advise you to stop taking those before you undergo your procedure. We want to make sure all our patients are safe while they receive treatment from our team at Ozark Regional.

The Embolization Process

On the day of your varicocele treatment near Bentonville, AR, we will get you checked in and bring you back to the treatment area. If you have any questions

The location for Varicocele Treatment near Bentonville, AR

about the process, now is the time to ask.


We will then provide you with an IV sedative to relax you and local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. A member of our team will then make an incision and snake a catheter into the affected vein.

A thin string of metal (about the width of a hair) will be inserted into the blocked vein, sealing it off.

The body will automatically redirect the blood flow to other veins. We will then stop the bleeding, place a bandage on the treatment area, and you will be free to go. The entire process only takes about half an hour.

Recovering After Ablation

Unlike other medical procedures you may have had, you won’t need to spend weeks or months to recover following embolization for varicocele treatment near Bentonville, AR.

While you won’t be stuck in a hospital room, we do suggest scheduling this procedure during a less-busy time in your life.

After the procedure is complete, we recommend reclining and icing the treatment area. Feel free to sit back on the couch and watch TV while you recover.

There will likely be some minor pain and irritation in the scrotum, but that should abate with time. And that’s all there is to it! The embolization process is quite simple.

The Ozark Team

At Ozark, we’re extremely proud of the work we do, and none of that work would be possible without the help of our team. Our team is made up of medical professionals who care deeply about the work they do.

Vascular medicine can be a complicated field, so it’s important that you work with providers who are committed to their craft every step of the way.

If you ever have questions about your treatment during any stage of the process, then let a member of our team know. Working with patients like you is the reason we’re here, so we’re always more than happy to answer questions you may have.

What Makes Us Different

There are plenty of specialty clinics all over the country, so you may wonder what makes Ozark different. We believe in prioritizing the patient at all times.

Some clinics are only interested in seeing as many patients as possible, but we don’t want to rush you out the door. You’ve come to see us because you need help, and it’s important to us that you leave feeling better than when you walked in.

We have years of combined experience, all in the service of treating your vascular needs. Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center wouldn’t be here without patients like you.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about our treatments at Ozark? Then we suggest you take a look at our custom vein and artery blog. We know that most people don’t know a lot about their vascular system, so we wanted to do our part to fix that!

This blog is updated multiple times a month with new content. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it, then this blog is for you.

And because we’re constantly adding new content, you’ll never run out of things to read. Maybe you can’t find a blog about the topic you’re interested in. Stay tuned, because you never know what topic we’ll cover next!

Complete a Virtual Consultation

Still not totally sure if you could benefit from varicocele treatment near Bentonville, AR? You should take a look at our virtual consultation tool. It’s totally free, and in just a few minutes, you could find out which of our treatments is right for you!

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