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is sclerotherapy safe


Is Sclerotherapy Safe? | Rogers Vein Treatment Providers

When at-home conservative measures for leg veins alone don’t bring results, many people turn to minimally invasive procedures before leaning toward surgery. However, our team at Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center definitely understands the concern when it comes to spider and varicose vein treatments, which is why we only provide options that are proven safe and effective. 

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So when people ask us whether or not sclerotherapy is safe, our answer is yes! Over the years, we’ve found that sclerotherapy works for many people to remove stubborn veins and the symptoms that come with them. Read on to learn more.

What is sclerotherapy?

Oftentimes, when clients understand the treatment, it’s easier to break any fears they have around getting sclerotherapy. So what exactly is it? 

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that has been used for decades and involves using a tiny and incredibly precise needle to inject an FDA-approved solution (either Asclera or Sotradecol) into veins. 

As the solution spreads through the vein, it causes vein walls to swell, stick together, and seal shut. The veins then become scar tissue that the body will reabsorb. After it’s all said and done, veins begin to fade and permanently disappear.

How exactly is sclerotherapy safe?

Well first, the solution itself has been approved by the FDA. If you don’t know, the FDA only approves products that have been proven multiple times to work without causing major harm to someone. 

Second, sclerotherapy doesn’t come with any down time, meaning it’s not invasive enough to require you to take off work or lie in bed all day. Keep in mind that the more invasive a procedure is, the higher the risk it comes with. Plus, your provider should give you detailed aftercare instructions to make sure recovery runs smoothly. 

Lastly, side effects are very minimal. During the injection process, you may feel slight pain from the needle or a burning sensation from the solution. However, once you’re done, the only major thing you should factor in is vein swelling, which is a sign the treatment is working.  

Final note: Yes, sclerotherapy is safe, and you can get the best treatment at Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center

Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center is the only practice in Northwest Arkansas that provides all the highest available quality vein treatments, and we focus only on vein treatment. Dr. Haney and our expert staff have over 75 years of combined experience in the industry, ensuring you get the best leg procedures available in Rogers. 

Helping people is what we do. No matter your vein issue, we can guide you toward a solution that will ease your discomfort and boost your confidence. With our world-class vein care and focus on patient education, we are sure to achieve real results each and every time. 

Get started today by using our Instant Vein & Artery Screening Quiz or scheduling a consultation. 

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