Radiofrequency Ablation in Rogers

ClosureFast™ Procedure

The ClosureFast™ Procedure by Medtronic is one of the most commonly utilized venous reflux treatments in the world.

Dr. Haney and our team have successfully completed over 2,600 radiofrequency ablations.

We use this treatment to close off a vein that is allowing blood to flow in both directions. That vein is causing more harm than good. By closing it off, we can redirect blood flow to your healthy veins and then move on to removal of the bulgy varicose veins.

Radiofrequency energy is used to heat up the vein walls safely from inside the catheter’s sheath so that the vein collapses.

The ClosureFast™ catheter heats an exact 7 centimeter segment of a vein for 20 second intervals, guided with an ultrasound scan.


The heat from the radiofrequency makes the targeted vein collapse permanently. This minimally invasive procedure can leave minor scarring at the puncture site, however scars typically fade with time.

We’ve found that people suffering with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) recover much faster with this radiofrequency treatment than some alternatives.



How it Works



Local anesthetic is used along different areas of the leg.

Step 1

Using ultrasound guidance, Dr. Haney will insert the disposable catheter into the target vein through a tiny opening in the skin.

Step 2

The radiofrequency fiber will then distribute heat energy to the walls of the vein, causing it to collapse and close.

Step 3

The catheter is removed, and blood automatically begins to redirect to your remaining healthy veins.

Cool Down

Bandages are applied where needed and compression hose are required after the ClosureFast™ Procedure is complete.


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Before & Afters

Happy Clients

"Dr. Haney and his staff are great. "

I have had vein treatments at other places, but this is by far the best experience I've had. Dr. Haney was knowledgable and skilled in my treatment while also being incredibly caring and compassionate. All around, it was a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I went to the Ozark Vein Center.

– Beth Nardoni


Very good at making me at ease about procedure. He was quick and I felt very confident that he knew what he was doing. Very friendly!

– Carissa S.

"I am so so grateful my pcp referred me to Dr. Haney"

Dr. Haney is so amazing at doing his job, he completely changed my life its a miracle.

– Bonnie J.

" Everything was excellent I am pleased with everyone and happy with my legs."

He is an excellent doctor you dont find many of him.

– Susan K.

"Excellent care and staff"

I was experiencing growing pain in the varicose veins, and some were beginning to rupture and bleed. Received consultation from Dr. Haney and the technicians and began receiving treatments about 1 month later. after 5 or 6 treatments, i no longer have the pain or bleeding and my legs look great.

– David B.

"I am so grateful for the care and accuracy that was used to treat my legs. I feel great!"

I was treated with kindness, tenderness and compassion. The doctors and staff were extremely professional but sensitive with every step of the procedures. They all even showed tenderness when I was a bit nervous. I am elated to have lovely legs again!

– Janice B.

"It was calming and relaxing"

Not knowing what to expect, was put at ease with the staff. Enjoyed my experience, overall excellent environment.

– Rhonda D.

"Very attentive & professional"

Becky was always eager to explain and reassure. Appreciate her help.

– Anonymous

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