PAWS for Peripheral Artery Disease in Rogers

Upcoming Event

PAWS for P.A.D. Dog Walk

Saturday, September 17, 2022

11:00AM - 1:00PM

Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center

5433 W Walsh Lane Rogers, AR 72758

September is P.A.D. (Peripheral Artery Disease) Awareness month! Join us in the cause behind PAWS for P.A.D. on a short walk with your dog!

"The Way to My Heart" Foundation has organized a nation-wide challenge happening September 16th-18th to promote 2 main things:

#1: Encourage people to walk more! Walking is the best way to prevent and slow the progression of plaque build-up in your leg arteries (of course, known as Peripheral Artery Disease). 3 in 5 heart attack sufferers have PAD, 1 in 3 diabetics over age 50 have PAD, and 1 in 5 over age 60 have PAD. PAD affects a very large group of our population!

#2: Adopt a dog! There are nearly 4 million un-adopted dogs looking for a walking companion. PAWS for P.A.D. is the nation-wide trend that's encouraging people to adopt a dog to walk, volunteer to walk a dog at a shelter, walk your own dog, walk a friend or family member's dog, or just get out and walk! The challenge is to accumulate as many steps as we can to attribute towards the national goal of 4 million steps in 3 days.

Saturday, September 17th at 11am, we're inviting anyone interested to attribute towards the goal to meet us at our clinic at 5433 W Walsh Lane, to walk 0.5 miles to Natural State Brewery! The Razorback Greenway will be right there for anyone who wants to walk further. You're welcome to come with or without a dog, but bringing a dog is preferred. We have custom t-shirts already being made with our logo on the front, and the PAWS for PAD logo on the back. Anyone that shows up to walk with us will get a shirt! *while supplies last

When we arrive at Natural State Brewery, we'll have a booth set up with a canopy tent, a table, and banner, to give out brochures and information about PAD, arterial disease, and spread awareness about how we can help. Natural State Brewery is offering specials on beer, they'll have live music, and 2-3 food trucks will be there too! We're working with some local animal shelters to promote dog adoptions too! So if you need a furry friend to be your walking buddy, this is the perfect time.

For more information about joining us or signing up, please call or text 479-464-8346.